Custom Fundraising Games

Custom Fundraiser/
Personalized Games Manufacturing

custom rund raiser ideas & personalized gamesNot sure what to do with your game idea or invention? We specialize in game design and game manufacturing. From concept to finished product, we are here to help. From your concept we will design your complete custom game right down to the placement of the bar code. We will provide you with 100% satisfaction to get it done, and done right. We manufacture custom games for businesses and individuals.

From your completed design, either professionally created by us or designed elsewhere, we can manufacture your game. We can produce Earth Friendly Games. We will create a globally superior, eco-friendly, high quality game for you!

What We Offer

Low Pricing
Low Minimums
Globally Superior Quality
Friendly Service
Warehousing & Order

We are the only company globally that offers great pricing at a low minimum of only 500 games (less games can be made, contact us for details), with our boards & boxes that are up to 300% the density/thickness of other companies globally! Additionally, our cards are thicker too. Contact us for your free estimate!

Where to Start

Get a Free Estimate for a custom game, or if it’s a custom type of monopoly game that you would like, please contact us for immediate pricing at +1 (775) 751•8989, or via email